A Few Whispers From A Saturday

It is one of my favorite things, to sit with pen readied for paper, or fingers readied for keyboard. And then to have words and images come. And to feel the shape of lines arise. And to feel the heart of it all in a few words of noticing.

From the weekend.

On A Saturday

It is early Saturday.
The light of day is yet to arrive.
Rain on rooftop pitters, patters, and creeks along trough.

Even in this Saturday freedom to be slow,
I can feel how inner doubt storms 
and worries the ventures of this day.

Let us say, shall we, that we will be touched by life on this Saturday.
Whether its dark and gentle discoveries or its light and harsh blindings.
And the rain will do what the rain does.

Here’s to the whispers that any of us hear — yours, mine, ours — that guide a moment in the day, or even a season of living.

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