A Little More Mark Nepo

Just because.

And, well, because this is a clear statement that I so much relate to.

And, well, because, in a conversation with a friend yesterday to plan a series of workshops, we asked each other what was at the heart of it — this was after listing some good skills and expertise that we have individually and together. My answer, as it has been for some time, was because I’m drawn to the energy, simplicity, and practice of being a better human being. Individually and collectively.

From Mark Nepo’s Exquisite Risk,

“I want to open a conversation about the pain and joy of being awake. I want to inquire into the personal practice of being authentic, of being fully here, of being human.”

Enough said.

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  1. Barbara often says to me, “I’ll stay awake with you.” it’s the sweetest most loving thing anyone has ever said to me. It lives along side people who remind me of who I really am, people who challenge me to stay connected to my own humanity and to honor others even (maybe especially) when I want to cut and run.

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