A Little More of the Story – 1

There is always story behind the story. Or underneath it. There is always nuance. Or association. I’m less committed to all of the story — don’t really believe that “all” is possible. I’m quite committed though to more of the story — do believe that stories live, grow, change, and have subtle meaning that connects to enlivened heart.

Well, I’m in a social media experiment that I think of as a commitment to connection — offering a few things that combine the simple, the artistic, with wisdom and soulfulness. In social media (for me, primarily Facebook, Twitter, Linked In) I’ve begun posting pictures like the above with a phrase of wisdom. The pictures are mine — I love seeing beauty in a photo. The phrases are sometimes from others and sometimes from me — it’s good to curate with hopes of some simple offering.

And, without commitment to too much. Behind such photos and phrases there are a few items and experiences of importance to me. I offer a few bits of that here to reclaim the associations of the simple that see the deep heart and the deep why in the very ordinary.

Here goes for today.

Prem Rawat — I’m listening and re-listening to his book, Hear Yourself. I love his subtitle, “How to find peace in a noisy world.” Rawat is a mentor to one of my mentors. I feel like I’m lifting a lineage to invite presence as key orientation. That starts with the deep inner.

Hope Springs Institute — This is the location of this photo. It’s home to Fire & Water Leadership & Rite of Passage Journey that Quanita Roberson and I have created. We are now guiding a third cohort in 16 month journey. So, the importance of home.

The noise will find us — Yes, back to Prem Rawat. There is ample noise available. Enticing this’ and thats. Programs. Movies. Music. News. Books. Blogs. All of it. Nothing wrong with any of the formats. However there is something quite distracting when any of these good things drown our abilities to listen in the quiet in ourselves and to life happening in the unadvertised.

Coffee Cup — This photo is from June 2022. In 5-day Fire & Water closing retreat, a few of us found our way to early morning coffee together. There is something so beautiful about a morning communion — to see each other and greet a new day.

Yup, not all of the story. But yup, a little nuance that enlivens heart. With the simple, the artistic, wisdom, and soul. I have come to feel, and practice, that if all we did together (in so many groups) was to welcome a bit of nuance and enlivened heart, we would have done something profound.

Greetings in your day.

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