A Week of Morning Presence Practice

One of the things that I loved about the last week, was practice each morning. It looks like sword (bokken) training. It’s really presence. Centering. Movement. Flow. Pictured above is me with new friend Phil, guided by Toke Moeller, doing a bit of the practice on Toke & Monica’s deck in Sejs, Denmark. Fun to find some rhythm in it, some choices.

With most things in life, when I’m at my best I’m living some integration that I’ve come to recognize as inner and outer, now and the longer arc. I love the invitations to be in the all of it, yet in the simple present moment of it.

Toke is many things. This includes poet, catching a few words and images that harvest and distill. Below is a poem that he wrote that invites what is underneath the surface. The poem, and the experience inspire me further to be present, to center, to move with flow.

For inspiration.

There is an inner sword called Taida.

With this inner sword of compassion
It is possible to
Penetrate to a place
Where heaven and earth 
Have not yet divided

Where Yin and Yang
Have not yet arrived

When I enter and dwell in this place
I am healed at once
and quickly.
Gain the strength to accomplish 
my work in the world

– Soho Takuan 
– 17 century Japanese monk and sword master

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