Alaska Native Values

I have long been drawn to simple and clear values in the people and organizations I work with. It comes from a strong desire for the simple. It also grows out of what I have learned of complexity theory over the last 15 years. From simple commitments and values, complex patterns are created. Not design. Enacted.

In two weeks I will be working with First Alaskans with colleagues Chris Corrigan and Teresa Posakony for an Art of Hosting training. Liz MedicineCrow from First Alaskans just sent the following from the Alaska Native Knowledge Network as a representation of values across Native Alaska cultures. Many thanks to her. I’m looking forward to exploring further from these places of simplicity and to learn together how these values are alive and growing to next levels.

Show Respect to Others  –  Each Person Has a Special Gift

Share What You Have  –  Giving Makes You Richer

Know Who You Are  –  You Are a Reflection on Your Family

Accept What Life Brings  –  You Cannot Control Many Things

Have Patience  –  Some Things Cannot Be Rushed

Live Carefully  –  What You Do Will Come Back to You

Take Care of Others  –  You Cannot Live without Them

Honor Your Elders  –  They Show You the Way in Life

Pray for Guidance  –  Many Things Are Not Known

See Connections  –  All Things Are Related

This ANKN website also has an inspiring spiral for integrated learning. Looking forward to digging into this also.

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