All The Good

Musician Jana Stanfield writes,

I cannot do
All the good
That the world
But the world
Needs all the good
That I can do.

First, I like the phrase. Clever. Catchy.

Second, I like where it points. To contribution. To practice. To a committed heart.

Third, I love the pivot from this material to an invitation for a group of people to engage. Be it partners, small groups, or a large group witnessing and listening together.

What is the good that you can’t not contribute in the world? Let’s pass a piece.

Or, what is the good that your heart yearns for (in the world)? Let’s do a round.

Or, what is the good that you heart yearns for with this group of people? Let’s each share a bit.


The invitation for people to wonder together — yes, this is one of the “goods” I get excited about doing.

I love the connected tissue and learning muscle it creates. For joy, period. And for going about the things we care about in more whole-hearted ways.

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  1. Especially in this time of world distress … that we can wonder together. And yes, for Joy. Always for that spark of Joy in the moment. And to wholeness of heart. Mine, yours, ours.

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