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Kathy Jourdain is very good friend. She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is one of my dearest teaching and hosting companions in the Art of Hosting Network. I love the way that we connect with each other — one of those friends where the right timing always seems to show up without effort. I also love the way that she is a committed writer. She is committed to the practice of writing, which I’ve also been learning a lot about lately.

Kathy has written three pieces recently that feel like essentials for contexting the Art of Hosting and the deeper patterns that become available to participants and those of us that steward this work. I see them as fabulous pieces to offer, particularly when people are just starting to explore what this work is or whether to come to a training. Her context to me helps invite the awareness of really important skills, and, the rich, rich possibility underneath those skills that shift paradigms and becomes ways of being.

One AoH Training Does Not a Practitioner Make — I love the call to practice here. Not as role-playing. And not as volume or certification. Rather, as getting the deeper pattern and resonance.

Becoming an AoH Practitioner — Some further description and guidance on beginnings. I’ll add this piece also that I wrote a while back on Credentials as Practice. It speaks to the need to just start and learn as we go.

The Art of Stewarding — I love the reference here to knowing and feeling the resonance of people gathered in learning. Also, the importance of self-work (and clearing, etc) to change the relationship of holding group. What is underneath has always been a compelling question for me. I wrote some of this here, Hosting What? Consciousness, Wellness, Wholeness, and Resonance.

So much to explore. For me, I give attention to world views and practices from the quantum paradigm, intuition and alchemy, energy and light, reification. Like Kathy, and gladly, with her, finding some really helpful levels of essentials that further feed this beautiful and practical Art of Hosting choice for doing good together.

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