Utter Need for Evolving Energetic Practice

Below is an email exchange I had this week. Some of it I offered through the Art of Hosting listserve. Some of it in response from my beautiful friend and colleague Maria Scordiolu in Greece. I post it here because it helps me to see more language for gifts, energetics, and human systems evolving with choice of what we hold in the central hearth to imprint in all of what we offer and become. And from the realness of revolution in Greece, a pattern showing up in many places in the world now.

Hello Everyone (July 2 — To AoH Listserve)

I wake this morning with an impression to share this context of AoH, one that many of you know. It was something that we sent out through Berkana last week to context a few upcoming AoHs. I like the simplicity of words and the expression of clarity.

I’m aware, reading this morning again of Maria’s postings. Her invitation to support those gathered in Greece, not just for Greece, but for the bigger system. Her and others continuing to share the story, the courage. I receive those stories as energetic activations — give attention to the beauty that is there in and among people, and by so doing, help that consciousness come to material form. It is some of the wizardry that many of us practice. At one level, it is hosting. At another, it is invitation to organize around what we love and have that at the hearth of what we do.

I’m aware of reading a financial analysis of United States economic systems of the “house of cards” kind of feel. An amazing system that feels like it could collapse in a number of ways. Such an illusion that has sustained for many years. But now, it shifts. Insurmountable debt. Deep budget cuts in all states.

My intention is not to speak of the fear. But rather of the masses of energy in people and in groups — with this kind of macro story. When we look at these levels of scale, the world needs some basics of presence. Even with fantastic skills and good people. There are energies that seem to be bursting at the seems. Why? I am one who believes an energetic pattern is shifting here on earth. That is spoken from many traditions. It is becoming more intense. Some of us humans are learning how to be in that. And some are just spinning in it. Those spinnings can quickly become wildfire.

The time for us to be in healthy patterns of our engagement, learning, wholeness feels very strong. AoH is a pattern for us to do that. I’m glad to be a part of that, knowing what shifts in me, and in what I see in remembering community and wholeness. I don’t mean to offer that in any kind of marketing way. Rather, with awareness, and invitation for all of us to be coming with our gifts and inviting self/ others into wholeness patterns, while being in what will continue to grow as experiences in immense energy.

Quite a thing to be human, isn’t it. And quite a thing to be remembering and evolving together.

Love from Utah.



Dear Tenneson, (July 2 from Maria)

What you are writing to – a gifting culture – where each of our gifts can be a contribution – is exactly what I have seen being practiced on a small scale in Syntagma Square.  People are simple being gifts to one another.  Some know about technology – so they set up the technology group – other are artists – so they set up the artists group – others are good at organising food and water – so they set up the food and water group.  Each person is just being a gift – to the whole.  This is a new form of economy – eco – home – nomia – keeping order – in other words – keeping order of our home – or housekeeping.  For now, Syntagma Square is the home – and people living there are living this form of economia.  Anyone can gift – and there are boundaries – please do not come here to put forward your political party or dogma – gift because you want this to be a part of your act of direct democracy – that is taking your place as a person who cares.

I am witnessing what Meg Wheatley spoke about all those years ago – a new form of leadership – anyone who cares and wants to do something about it..  When the something we care about is about life – and our place as people in it – in a way that has dignity and integrity – it really is not difficult to stand up and gift.  And it hurts – boy does it hurt – when this form of leadership is tear gassed and portrayed in the media as violent – when it just is the most basic of human rights – to take part – to contribute – to gift.  Why – for love!!  For connection.  For wholeness.

This is not about right or wrong –  this is natural law.  We humans belong to life – we do not create it – we do not direct it – we are it!!  We are coming back.  We are re-membering.  We are reframing.  We are be-living.  And it is taking so much strength and courage – to break through the delusion and illusion – so we can stand naked and realise – we are just part of this mystical and magical web – called Life!.

Much love


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