As The Circle Grows, So Grows the Center

I love the way that over the course of time, a center of a circle can grow from simple marker that holds the middle of a room, to symbolic and energetically rich hub, created by those participating.

This happened at the retreat that I co-hosted this past weekend with friend Quanita Roberson in Cincinnati, for a group of 15 of us, Friday – Sunday. We arrive as a new group on Friday night to find our way to chairs for the evening to begin with layers of hello together. By Sunday, our center was packed with stories, shared questions, dreams, and tender wonderings together.

The format of the gathering looks something like this.

I love the growing center of this.
First, a circle of friends candle, and a ring of Caroline Myss Light and Shadow cards.
Second, rearranged living room to create space for all turned to one another.
Third, flipped over archetype cards, inviting the light and the shadow, along with personal items representing varied crossroads, and a burning candle for each person.
Last, collaged posters to create additional access to the archetypes that rest in each of us (even the denied ones).

Meaningful centers matter.


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