Babies at Work

This morning I found myself absorbed in an e-book shared by a new friend in Utah, Carla Moquin. She is a dynamo. Info on her book, Babies at Work: Bringing New Life to the Workplace, and the institute she started, Parenting in the Workplace Institute, is here.

This book comes from a deep passion and direct body of experience in Carla. I love the many levels in this book. The practicality, advantages, and challenges of starting a program. The depth of research and story. The deeper philosophy and invitation to one of wholeness. The challenge to industrial era thinking and structures of separation and efficiency. And perhaps mostly, the fire and gentleness that I’m coming to know a bit more of in Carla.

I’ve offered to explore the background I have in hosting movements at scale through social technologies, working with groups. Tea or lunch in the next couple of weeks.

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