Bayo Akomolafe — Pacifica Commencement Address

I’m so glad to have listened to this commencement address. It features Dr. Bayo Akomolafe (begins at the 17:55 mark), with a theme of “Let’s Meet At the Crossroads.” Thx Nicole Frederickson for sharing it.

Lots of material that I found inspiring. Brought me to alertness. And a gratitude for truth-speaking.

  • “But those instances were during ‘normal’ times; and their’s nothing normal about where we are; these are not normal times.”
  • “The importance of fissures, fault lines, rifts, splinters, wounds, cracks.”
  • “We cannot risk arriving; we can’t risk being saved if transformation is our longing.”
  • “May your road be rough, and may the disturbance be your sanctuary.”

Enjoy a full watch. Dr. Akomolafe’s part is about 40 minutes.

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