Belonging is Everything — Reflections on Immigration

Tim Merry is a friend and colleague. He’s always provocative, I’d say. Which is code for well-thought. I’ve learned much from him over the years, primarily in our context of The Art of Hosting.

Tim’s video blog post today is about belonging, and in particular, as a strategy for welcoming immigrants to Nova Scotia, Canada. Canada is on track with it’s new liberal government to welcome 10,000 immigrants by the end of the calendar year, and an additional 15,000 by the end of February.

One of the things I like about Tim’s post is that he is challenging the thinking behind limits. “Well, maybe we could take a few families, one or two. That would be the appropriate and prudent thing to do.” Tim’s advocating some thinking to bringing many. In the many there is greater chance of belonging — these are my people — and there is navigation of the boundaries with existing community, which there will always be.

Have a look.

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