Yup, it is breath that lives behind so much of the work that I get to do.

Thx Toke Moeller for posting this Prem Rawat quote earlier this week, “Enjoy every breath that comes into you. It’s a gift.”

It is breath that brings a circle alive.
It is breath that amplifies listening.
It is breath that clarifies speaking.
It is breath that connects people together.
It is breath that welcomes joy.
It is breath that animates learning.

It remains true for me that so much of the group and community convening that I do is a search for the very simple that coheres it all. It is a search for the kind of breath that resets the heart. It is a search for the kind of breath that brings natural rhythm of learning and loving, of contributing and curiosity.

I’m glad for the many of us seeking and practicing such breath and pace together.

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