Cairns, Poems by Katie Norris

I’m glad for this little book of poems, Cairns, gifted to me recently (thx Lisa). There is a simplicity that I appreciate. And an orientation toward being with the ways that meaning moves.

The Ohio Poet, Katie Norris offers,

when loose words rattle
find balance in the stacking
poems point the way

Indeed. Balance in the stacking. Grounding. Beauty. Somewhere to start. Somewhere to continue.

Here’s a further sample from Katie.

Be Where Your Feet Are
by Katie Norris

Maybe there is only small happiness

Watching the coffee grounds bloom
Petting the dogs after work
Say “I Love You” each day

Big joys are here and gone
But the small ones are everywhere
And they too are enough

I celebrate the offering. Check her publication here.

May there be many stones, where are feet are, pointing the way, for many of us.

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