Catching Up to Podcast Posts

Quanita Roberson and I have recorded a couple as part of our Fire & Water Podcast. Check these:

Quanita’s Book, The InnerGround Railroad (20 minutes, January 2022) — Quanita’s book (coauthor Amy Howton) was then being printed. I didn’t want that moment of completion to go unnoticed. This was our conversation.

The Masculine & The Feminine (31 minutes, February 2022) — This one pairs with my recent blogpost, Sacred Practice. I’m really loving language for what I think is wise and soulful. Some of that comes from “sacred / healthy feminine” — and the way that I know these qualities in some of my men friends. And, some of that is “sacred / healthy masculine” — the way that lives in the feminine. No, it’s not a binary reduction.

As for Fire & Water Podcast, the rhythm that Quanita and I are generally in is once per month, released on the 5th. Follows and Shares appreciated.

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