I didn’t go to chanting school. But I have learned in the company of a few friends and a few elders that chanting brings gifts. I have learned through direct experience, solo and with others.

I don’t focus on the science of chanting. But I suspect that there is much science to share that could be a lot of fun. I imagine it has to do with the physiological impact of sound. I imagine a few things about the entrainment that comes from repetition. I imaging a few things about the importance of vocalized exercise.

I don’t even really focus on the spirituality of chanting. That is to say, I’m not trying to mine from a mountain of spiritual science. But I suspect there is much spirituality to share. I imagine invitation to beings not seen. I imagine sound as a more universal language, across many known demarcations. I imagine a few things about centered and harmonized being.

Hmm…, science and spirituality kind of dance, don’t they.

In one of the purpose of life stories I often tell myself, I remember that “showing up” is of foundational significance. It’s baseline material. It’s bedrock material. In that story there are always multiple simultaneous layers.

  • Showing up for self, and as self, is an effort that lasts a lifetime. It is coming to know the deeply inner, the complex inner, the multiverse galaxy that represents even one human being.
  • Showing up with and among others, is also an effort that lasts a lifetime. It’s a rich practice. It’s a rich pragmatic. It’s a rich energetic. It’s a mystery of weave into more holistic ways of conceiving life and community, multiverse galaxies connected with other multiverse galaxies.
  • Showing up with and for circumstance, is also lifelong. It’s evolutionary. We contribute as we do with our showing up, to lend energy, to lend curiosity, to lend love. To lend patience. Sometimes grace. Sometimes animation. Sometimes unique gift.

Let’s just say that showing up is big work.

Chanting is one of the ways that I’m currently finding very helpful to be in this life-long effort — yet welcomed in the daily — to be an alive and seeking human being.

Lately, when I chant, I cover my ears with my hands. It makes the sound even more visceral. It makes the resonance, the physical sound, even more palpable and pervasive. Covering my ears helps me to get further lost, or perhaps further surrendered, to a feeling outside of time.

Lately, when I chant, I make up the notes and the sounds. It’s not words per se. If there are words, I find them to be very simple. They are place-holders, temporary hosts, for the sound and energy to have place to live.

I enjoy understanding things. Including chanting. I enjoy discovering and sharing meaning that helps me and others find added richness in life experience — everything from personal clarity to group clarity.

This morning, it’s chanting, with a bit of inherent invitation and encouragement, to give it a go, to continue following life’s invitations to show up, and to welcome through practice, many layers of surprise and well-being.

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  1. Have you read Ana Hernandez’s book on chanting? It’s lovely, just like her. You should read it.

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