Circle Is What I Turn To

I’ll stay with Circle. It’s been mostly a writing week. Yummy. Focussed. But also spacious.

Circle is what I turn to in the most comprehensive stories that I know — the stories of human beings trying to be kind and aware together, trying to make a difference in varied causes in which we go well together. Circle is also what I turn to in the most immediate needs that live right in front of me and most of us — sharing dreams and difficulties, exploring conflicts and coherences. Circle is what I turn to. Circle is what turns us to each other. To practice Circle is to practice the connection of those turns at all of the layers. Connection with self. With others. Connection with circumstance. Connection with life flowing. Circle restores us to belonging. It is the most simple of containers, yet so often the most lasting of experiences.

It’s also been a week of early excitements for Breath and Belonging: A Circle Way Intensive (October 23-26, 2024 — Salt Lake City, Utah — Cohost Rangineh Azimzadeh Tehrani). The ideas in that writing are likely to find a place among us.


Please join. Or reach out to explore.

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