Today begins a very active and full, out of the gate, hosting period for me. There is two days hosting university leaders. There is five days hosting pastors. There is four days hosting a leadership training program. It’s a full time. I’m glad, with good people.

The image above is from one of my favorite received holiday cards this year (thank you Sarah). On the inside, the card says, “May it be simple. May it be fun. As the seasons go ’round.”

It seems appropriate to remind myself of such things going in to this full, out the gate start. Each of these groups will be quite circly. With faculty. With pastors. With younger corporate leaders. Because connection and presence are core ways of being.

I continue to learn that people appreciate the simple. People of all walks of life seek joy. And ease. And belonging. And contribution. And kindness. And consciousness. And flow.

Here’s to the joy that comes for any of us, and among us, in the gatherings that shape life in this and the next seasons.

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  1. Thank you for this. I’ve taken the penultimate paragraph and lifted it for my ongoing new year’s contemplation. Each word feels like a choice and an opportunity and a commitment to me-becoming.

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