Circles on Circles

Circle remains utterly central in my hosting.

It’s method — there is structure to utilize. Like the rhythm of Start Point, Check-In, Contributing to a Center, Check-Out, End Point.

It’s practice — there are patterns of encounter to develop together. Like turning to one another rather than away. Like the simple honoring that is “picking up the piece” and then returning it so that others can do likewise.

It’s way of being — there is wisdom to cultivate. Like when the group knits together as more integrated whole, seeming to know and feel more as community that as individuals.

I’m co-hosting a couple of online circle classes in September and October.

Starting September 24, 2020 I’m co-hosting a 4-week series with Amanda Fenton. We nuance applied practice of The Circle Way Components Wheel, with a bit of extra attention to circles online. More info and registration is here.

October 28-29, 2020 I’m choosing with Quanita Roberson. We’ve revised our format to make it online this year, giving attention in four sessions — Being Circle, Doing Circle, Inviting Circle, and Integrating Circle. More info and registration is here.

What I love most about Circle is that it opens up a space in our selves, and in the collective, that I’m coming to feel is utterly essential.

Thx for considering, or passing along to other.

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