Decision Making in Participative Leadership

The above is from Transforming the Way We Lead. I hosted a small group (Knowledge Camp) on the topic of decision making. For the 14 our us huddled together, it had some of the things you would expect. It also had some key points of emphasis.

  • Using thumbs (up, sideways, and down) to get a measure of support for an idea. And definitely more than yes or no. Nuance, please!
  • The need for a proposal of action or agreement (more than just a loop of albeit interesting conversation).
  • A Likert Scale, whether five point or seven point. Again, more than yes or no.
  • Clear decision-criteria upfront. Majority? All? Nothing below a “3” on the Likert scale?

The above were all things that I expected and wanted to share / teach. However, what really caught my attention, from the questions that people were asking, was the need for an overarching container for a high quality of discourse. So that, as needed, you can unpack what is being spoken and questioned. Or listen to sideways thumbs. Or backup as needed. Enter The Circle Way. It is the container that I most rely on for such things. To go deep, yet with light structure. 

Thanks to everyone that participated. And this key reminder.




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