Dominant Culture

One of the first steps in systems change is always the naming. I learned this in my early days working with Margaret Wheatley. Coming to see what has been with more awareness, and thus more ability to choose and act in different ways.

It’s not all of the characteristics of a dominant culture (whiteness being one of them) that are inherently wrong, but when enacted over time with lessoned regard for difference, and used to isolate and denigrate, oppress and suppress, it imposes a self-replicating harm.

When it comes to dominant culture, I’m appreciating some naming that I explored yesterday, thanks to my colleagues and friends, Amanda Fenton and Chantilly Mers Pickett.

We were exploring the relationship of circle and power. Amanda and Chantilly pointed me to the website, White Supremacy Culture created by Tema Okun and others. At this website, I found these two helpful diagrams that very much guided some learning yesterday.

There is lots to explore on this site. I found it beautifully put together. And helpful. And inviting. And encouraging as I continue to learn and act with others on systems change for these times in which we live.

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