Most often I write my dreams. Sometimes I need to make scribbles of images — an alternative to the symbols that are letters and words — as I did above on the weekend. Sometimes I need the far less concretized.

I’ve come to understand that there are many ways that we humans find our way to our sourced learning. Many ways and many different ways for different people.

“Sourced learning” has parallels and synonyms for me. Inspiration. Flow. Creative synchronicity. It’s when some of the clarity comes through that seems more than just another thing.

I remain someone that appreciates invitations to be / feel / touch / see the thing under the thing (…under the thing, under the thing…). Dreams are a big part of that for me. Dreams are a big part of that medicine.

On most mornings, my first attention after waking is to my dreams. I handwrite most of them. Even just the snippets that comes from partially remembered images. I’m not trying to craft a story when I write dreams. I’m mostly trying to give them, and the awareness that comes from them, a seat near me. So that I can listen. And so that I can add to and associate with them.

Last night’s dream had me helping a person that I have much respect for. I was helping in a way that didn’t require me to depart from who I was — my job was to “do me” so to speak.

Another dream from last night involved a very rich and lush rain forest and mountain landscape. I was working with others to prepare for floods and to restore the flow of a river, that did indeed come in the dream.

One key for me in sitting with my dreams is the ability, and freedom, to associate. It’s less an association of certainty — I’m not one that starts with literalness of meaning and symbols. It’s more an association of wonder — I think of dreams as flashlights and filters to bring sourced learning.

There are times for me when my dreams seem to become very active. I’m not surprised to have a couple vivid dreams last night as I enter co-hosting a Fire & Water group of twenty people, face-to-face, that have come to enter some dream space together.

And to be in some scribbles together. And perhaps to find and feel some medicine to inspire a few next steps and a few next dreams in this human journey.

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