Enough Words

Mile 2Yesterday I was involved in a very good and very helpful design day. I was with Teresa Posakony, Chris Corrigan, and Caitlin Frost. It’s a treat when we get to do this work together.

We are in Gallup, New Mexico, preparing for an event with our Navajo friends and colleagues: The Art of Leadership in Restoring Resilience. We are teaching and offering many things with them (I love how they reference shared teachings as medicine). We are also learning from — these people and this culture have much, much to offer.

Teresa, Chris, Caitlin and I talked about purpose. We gave good attention to reading bios of the participants coming. We shared some of our current learning with one another. Asked each other questions. We shared many thoughts and good words together. It’s good to evolve edges together isn’t it.

At the end of the day, we treated ourselves to a 90 minute hike. Two pictures from that hike are below. We began at the Gamerco Trailhead just north of Gallup, and walked in two miles. It’s a sandy kind of trail, often about three feet wide, used by both hikers and mountain bike riders. It’s a big sky landscape, in the high desert that winds through juniper, sage, and the occasional flowering cacti. Though we talked in little pockets along the way, it was mostly a space of “enough words.”

I need those kind of times and those kind of friends. When the winding, quiet path helps integrate the good words of the day. There are many mediums for good learning individually and collectively, aren’t there. And for resilience. I love the ones that cap with a sunset like this, when really nothing needs to be said.

Sunset Near Gamerco


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