Everything is Energy

1. It is scientifically supported.
2. Collective intelligence is real.
3. Field work is real.

These are the summary points that Stephen Duns of Deakin University in Australia offered last week in an Open Space session on a Quantum View of Social Innovation. We were together at the Art of Social Innovation. I appreciated the story he shared, including the above summaries. Clear. Simple. It was very helpful for me, adding to how I’ve been trying to make sense and articulate concepts of entanglement, healing, wave and particle nature, and a few other things about hosting.

Stephen’s starting point: everything is energy. It is supported from physics (see Arnold Mendel’s work). From psychology (see Jung’s work on cross generation knowing and the collective unconscious). From biology (see Sheldrake’s work on morphic fields and morphic resonance).

Stephen went on to describe the 100th Monkey observation. Feeding monkeys sweet potatoes that inevitably would get sand on them. They were gritty in the mouth. One of the monkeys discovered that if she washed the sweet potato in the creek, the grit was gone. For a time, some washed. Some didn’t. At the point of 100 monkey’s washing, in kicks the important part. All of the monkeys wash the sweet potatoes. Not just those locally, but also on neighboring islands. The intelligence carries in a field.

Hearing this story again had particular meaning for me. Throughout this gathering, a few of us had been talking about “energetic architecture.” It feels to me that many of us are hosting from the level of supporting the 100th Monkey, the moment in shift when intelligence of how takes a quantum leap.

Thanks Stephen. All. It’s all energy. Scientifically supported. Real.

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