Fall Reading

The last few days I have given myself added permission to read. Books. Articles. From the stacks of books and such that I’ve been wanting to read for months now. From the new ones that are just showing up now. From the gifts I was given for my birthday a month ago. It feels like a bit of a tucking in. Something about the fall weather. Something about being at my apartment now with no immediate preparing to go on a trip. And something about feeling called to read and write. A few simple notes and impressions below.

What capacities must individuals and groups cultivate to experience emergence and create anew? An Exploration of Dialogue, Theory U and Circle (Magy Oriah Nock) — Shared through the Art of Hosting list serve by Chris Corrigan. A thesis from graduate work. Some good information about circle gained from experience with Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea of PeerSpirit. A good overview of steps and important orientations. The same for Theory U. I liked Magy’s comments at the end, “feeling a need for play and silence.” These are some of the gifts I experience in the Art of Hosting workshops that seems to deepen the quality of what emerges. I also related to her call for further future attention to shadow.

The Lost Compass: One Father’s Journey (B. Clement Makepeace) — Meg Wheatley gifted this one to me. A simple, short read. Story of a father discovering what he cares about — his relationship with his son first among them. Might read this one with my son Isaac. For the story. For the experience. For the openings that shows themselves in years to come. Noticed as symbols in the book, and thus the invitation to pay attention, to “true north.” What is the true north in my life? What becomes available is focused on this? Also like the reference to “garden as a place and a process.” Like most aspects of life, they have an outcome kind of feel as well as a dynamic ongoing process. Relationships. Reminds me of Chris Corrigan’s teachings with me about “all is practice.” Reminds me of my Uncle Vern’s teachings about all as particle and wave at the same time.

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