Pot Pourri

Just returned last night from two hosting events. One in Toronto, Ontario. The other near Rosendale, New York. Peeking in to email and back through my notes at some of the gems that have my attention.

On Seeing from Anais Nin — “We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are.” (Thanks Roq Gareau for sending this.)

On Beauty from Terry Tempest in her book, “Open Space of Democracy” — “Beauty is not optional. It resides at the core of each conversation around the dinner table. Beauty nourishes our soul alongside food. It allows us to remember not only what is possible, what we are capable of as human beings, but what is necessary.” (Thanks Ann Pelo for sending.)

A Call for Wilderness Stewardship — Some work that friends Terri Martin and Deeda Seed at Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance are creating. Love how this started in simple dialogue circles that we created together. It’s grown to much, much more because of their attention.

Beckoning the Lovely — Great video on a community gathering in Chicago on 8/08/08 to gather and create something lovely and beautiful in a park.

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