Figure Out the Moment in Front of You

I recently shared this with my son, embarking on a rite of passage journey. It was a moment of father’s advice.

I’ve met a lot of people that are good at figuring out the whole plan, every detail. That’s impressive. However, one of the skills you can master further, and that I believe is even more important, is just figuring out the moment in front of you. It requires a deep faith. You’re actually very good at this. Paying attention to the moment in front of you is a way of listening. It’s a way of being inspired. It’s a way of being directed. From one moment to the next. It’s a freedom to just start where you feel inspired, knowing that all is a contribution. 

There are times when only a few things can be said. Only an essence. I find this as a father. I find this also when I am working with groups and teams who are trying to live into a different paradigm, perhaps their own rite of passage.

For me these are times when I hope that I’m getting it “right.” That thought itself is worth some attention — it’s rather nerve-racking to think of needing to get it perfectly right.

But, back to the beginning. Turn this on self. “Get it right for the moment,” I try to remind myself. Or the best sense of “helpful” for the moment.

Fear of all the other moments can be far to distracting.

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