Find Your Balance — Or Not

IMG_3947I suppose this is a good followup to yesterday’s picture of balanced stones. This is a larger stone I balanced this week, maybe 12 inches tall on an outcropping of rocks at Scorching Bay, looking into the Wellington Harbour.

It’s great to balance these rocks. Perhaps because to balance the outer requires a balance on the inner. I enjoy this as a kind of practice. Artful, and centering.

And, then again, balance can be a bit over-rated also. Perhaps over-used. Over-valued. Balance often shows up as an invocation to restore right relations between work and life. Good. Without being too cute about it, it is the out of balance that is often the edges that are most fruitful for many of us. Not necessarily in the moment. But with the help of some friends, or even, dare I say, alone, that our personages evolve. We grow. We learn not to fear. We learn to adapt a perspective of continually sensing and reorienting.

Regardless, it is good to keep it open, eh. Not to fixed in any one place. I find this to be true.


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