Flow Game

P1120046Last night Teresa Posakony and I hosted ourselves and a group of seven friends in a Flow Game. The Flow Game is a board game that uses questions, inquiry, and story telling to create, well, flow. I think of playing it as a way to connect to more of ourselves individually (clarifying insights), to the group (exploring potential choices, particularly when playing for the same purpose), and to life itself (the seen and unseen energies of people and places on this earth). The Flow Game invokes layers of symbolic systems, including the four directions with animal totems — east (vision, eagle), south (community, mouse), west (action, bear), and north (leadership, elk). It includes sets of cards also for heaven (what is above) and earth (what is below).

Our evening was simple. Shared appetizers which all brought. A bit of wine. A shift to the flow game itself — an introduction and some history that for me connects back to Toke Moeller and Monica Nissen, a round of a question for each person (5-6 minutes), a speed round (popcorn responses to a shared question), a check-out, and hugs.

I live my life as questions. Sometimes, arguably to a fault. I relate more to the energy found in inquiry and exploration together. And, having said that, rarely do I find that difficult to translate to next steps, next todos, etc.

I am grateful for these friends and colleagues and for evenings that feel so purposefully easy.

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