The Flow Game is a training that I first took in 2009. It was at Toke Moeller’s invitation, a man that I deeply respect for his simplicity and friendship. Toke is a person committed to flow, to being in relation to the energy of life.

The Flow Game is a board game that invokes the use of question and story to create clarity. It is a game that welcomes engagement with people, sometimes in silence, to add meaning. It is a game that invites attention to the symbolic energy of the four directions.

I got to host a short version of the Flow Game this week. I’m glad to say that I was reminded of all of these qualities, all of these potentials. I loved that way that the six of us drew cards and questions that invited reflection about our intention, and that each card was in some way drawn for all of us.

I’m looking forward to bring more of the Flow Game back to my work and offerings.

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