Focussing — Thx Toke Moeller

If you’ve been following / reading this blog for some time, you’ll recognize that it is often the poetry that moves me. I feel a kind of irrepressibleness in me that loves to lift the poetic in the journey that is being a human being. And I feel a kind of deep joy in connecting the poetic to the many adventures with groups of people learning leadership, inner and outer.

So, today, I’m moved by this short and poignant offering by my good friend / brother / elder — Toke Moeller. The photo and words are his. The love of journey and deep joy is shared. So is the breath.

Focussing gently

on Life flowing




The experience





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  1. focussing gently
    on life flowing
    within and around

    Just reading those words gives me a moment of breath drawn in, eyes closed, feeling a quiet hum deep in my chest.

    It’s a breath I needed.

    But I go back to this part: “focussing gently”

    Recognizing there is in me that tendency to laser focus. Sometimes useful. But for a life becoming, focussing gently leaves a lot of room for what else might be true. And present.

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