For Question Designers Everywhere

I got to thinking the other day — well, really synthesizing — a few notions about this important skill of designing good questions.

I recorded it in a 12 minute podcast here.

There’s a few things I rely on, the words of asking good questions. There’s a few things I rely on, the attitude of asking questions.

I’d suggest that asking good questions is a bit like contributing to an ecosystem of curiosity. Which I’d suggest is massively important these days, be it with self, team, or circumstance.

A few headlines:

  • get to simple; get to essence
  • I so often rely on questions grounded in learning; what are you learning lately (about self / team / project / circumstance)?
  • welcome layers from the simple to the profound (there is always a bridge to outer, the impactful)
  • welcome the disposition of “except when I’m not” (we don’t need questions that calcify us prematurely)
  • it’s about creating an ecosystem of curiosity and inquiry, that then can pivot to improvements, experiments
  • imagine if you will, if your mastery were 10,000 hours of asking questions, contributing to thoughtful inquiry, and witnessing even more of the human condition

This isn’t everything on questions. Of course not. But perhaps a bit of goto when it comes to helping to connect a group, or ourselves, in learning.

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