Four Word Self Help — Patti Digh

I’m enjoying this Patti Digh book, Four Word Self Help. I don’t know Patti Digh personally, but I’m coming to know her words and wisdom (nod of thanks to Chris Corrigan). As she names on her book cover, these contents are about simple wisdom for complex lives. Patti offers short essays to theme sections. She offers many 4-word encouragements and nudges to create practice of those themes. The art work sets welcoming, playful, and imaginative tone.

This is one of those books that reads like a set of cards, from which random drawing and selection can be inspiring. I sometimes do it with my friends and colleagues. “Pick a number between __ and __….” Then we read it and follow inspirations from the four words.

Support the author and artists — the book is here.

And here’s a sample from the section on Community.

For inspiration. I adore this kind of wisdom, offered so deftly.

Create your own tribe.
Let other people in.
Create a safe space.
Tell them your story.
Drop everything and help.
Let someone help you.
Catch someone who’s falling.
Surprise them with presence.
Mean what you say.

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