Gems Discovered in Moving — Art of Hosting

I moved ten days ago. From an apartment to a townhome. Of course, that meant moving boxes. I’m taking the time to go through those boxes. Mostly to recycle, toss away, clean house. In those boxes are some gems that I have not seen for some time. A few that delight me with surprise — “oh yah, I remember this — that was good!”

Enjoy this, from an email offering (with Sharon Joy Kleitsch in Tampa), a bit of definition on what the Art of Hosting is.

-an experience of learning in living systems
-being in big imagination as community
-broader practice beyond method in deep, lasting, sustainable change
-framework for transformation
-a learning and operating pattern for full stakeholder engagement and action
-a way to build leadership capacity
-fielding, working with energy fields in groups

Nice grounding points as people begin to explore the choice of this form of work together.

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