Harvest — Salt Lake November Practitioner Group

Our local Practitioners Circle met for the last time in 2010. A lovely circle hosted and harvested by friend and colleague, Jane Holt of the Salt Lake Center for Engaging Community.

Jane invited us together to support a civility initiative:

The SLCEC is joining in a collaboration with Salt Lake City and the State of Utah in a state-wide project called Utah Civility and Community 2011 Initiative. SLCEC will be meeting with community groups in four regional meeting and in specific communities to invite citizens to be in conversation about civil discourse and the importance of engaging in citizen conversations that matter for their community. In our participative circle this month I am inviting input from our group to begin creating critical questions that we may use in the convenings planned throughout the state. I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts on what it means to be “civil”  and to be in a “civil dialogue”. You may have a story to share where you have experienced or observed a lack of civility. I am looking forward to what you can help me create on behalf of the Utah Civility and Community 2011 Initiative. I hope you can join me in this conversation.

Developing Critical Questions for a community conversation on Civility in Public Discourse.

If you were invited to a community discussion on Civility (in public discourse), what are the critical

questions you would like to talk about with your friends and neighbors?

The harvest of questions is here.

I particularly like the way the Jane helped us to meet in inquiry, to begin to explore questions that would support this initiative. I can imagine using these questions in an exercise to help participants begin with inquiry and deepen their own questions.

Nice work.

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