Giving Way To This Waking Day

I consider myself lucky to have friends and colleagues who have the ability, and the courage, to get to what is important. That can get to what is underneath the underneath. That can get to the liquid center.

Kinde Nebeker is one of those people. Our phone calls together, in friendship and colleagueship, so reliably get to a layer of the underneath that soooo lifts. I love it that we continue to host and create together — next up is May 11, 2018 for The Inner and Outer of Evolutionary Leadership.

Below is from Kinde’s recent newsletter. I love her language of love as an organizing pattern.

As the earth begins to tip her Northern Hemisphere further toward the sun, life stirs. The tiniest of white flowers begin to appear on the lanky bush stalks in my backyard; their buds having been whipped by rain and wind, chilled by snow. What calls them forth every cycle around the sun, irrepressibly, despite the slings and arrows of harsh winter weather?


It is Love.


Love is the most powerful energy in Creation. It attracts and magnetizes the things of this world, holding everything together. Its power also breaks things apart. It is relentless in its drive to grow toward that which is more free, more whole, more authentic, more beautiful, more mature, compassionate and complex. And on its way, it offers grief and darkness and pain.


It takes a big container to hold Love. You must become a bigger and bigger container . . . in fact, Love will stretch you and stretch you so that you can hold more and more of It — because Love is calling you to co-create with It the infinite possibilities of Life that the Universe wants to experience. You are a vitally important vehicle of Its expression.


Saying ‘YES’ to Love may destroy you before you are re-built again. But it will always, always offer greater and greater joy and possibility, if you are willing.

There is something in the love, isn’t there. There is something in the yes. There is something in the being with life, tilted, even seasonally, toward the sun.

Today I leave for six days of hosting, teaching, and being community with Ignite. There will be 25 of us gathered to touch some of the infinite and some of the irrepressible together. It’s about practice. It’s about opening. I found myself invoking these words below this morning. I felt them coming through me in an operating pattern kind of way. As the dark of night gave way to this waking day.

Think less.
Feel more.

Plan less.
Presence more.

Doubt less.
Trust more.

Give to.

Tumble forward.

Here is to the underneath, right.

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