Gone Grillin’


This was a delightful meal, Saturday evening, with a visiting friend at my home in Lindon, Utah. Sliced, small, golden potatoes and onions in the foil, salted, peppered, and lightly buttered. Pork chops seasoned with Montreal Steak Spice and BBQ sauce. Sliced peppers and zucchini (from my garden, picked the same day) marinated and brushed with Italian dressing. I love grilling vegetables like this. I love the freshness with the charred edges. I love the bounty in the meal and in the friendship

Though I’m not grilling each day this week, I’m taking a week off of blogging as I turn my attention to The Circle Way Practicum on Whidbey Island, Washington. I’ll be co-teaching with Amanda Fenton and convening with a really fantastic group of 24 people  in a location that is as delicious and fulfilling as the grilled meal above. I love the teachings in The Circle Way, that help us reclaim a deliberate container to be wise and thoughtful together. I love the community that forms as we dare to encounter and witness each other in story, imagination, and lended courage to go further with our respective bodies of work and interest.

Here’s to all of us in thoughtful learning and journey and friendship.


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