Good Medicine — Sips of Coffee, Sips of Integrated Insights

Good Medicine

My friend tells me, “this was good medicine for me.” I agreed. It was mutually good medicine for me too. Forty-five minutes. Thanks Saoirse recently. And all the others.

We did what we knew to do. Checked-in. Named a few present moment attentions. Took turns speaking. Connected insights as we took turns. Checked-out.

It was the lightest of structure. Bits of story shared and received. Sips of coffee and tea. Sips of integrated insights.

I loved it because it was woven wonder. Wonder woven. I loved it because it was life-giving. In the most simple, yet meaningful of ways.

There is hunger among most to be in the relational. It’s a core of all of my work and my living. Relational with self. With other. With the moment. Most people want to feel the connection. Most people want to hear the honest voice and share the authentic story. Most want to inspire from there. Most people want to contribute.

Yup, this is a big chunk of the work these days. Some days it’s a plan, with medicine. Some days its a call with a friend, no plan, that brings so much life, so much good medicine.


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  1. You are good medicine! An intrinsic part of your being, that you share with whoever wherever and whenever you touch, and sounds like Saoirse is too ☺️

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