Graphic Recording

I’ve been lucky to work with a few people who do great graphic recordings. I think of them as visual maps that capture some of the content, direction, and spirit of a meeting.

I’ve also been lucky to work with a few people that are just starting to learn this craft. I look for examples to share with them.

Ria -- Strasbourg Graphic harvest in the meeting room of Michel Barnier at Berlaymont BuildingRia Baeck, a friend and colleague from Belgium, recently shared the photo below on the Art of Hosting list serve. It was made by the people of Danish Bigger Picture, from a Social Business Innovation event in Strasbourg. It now hangs on the walls of the meeting room of European Commissioner Barnier, in the main EC building in Brussels.

I love the contrast in this image of the formal boardroom setting with the free flow of the graphic illustration.

My favorite line about why these help is from friend and graphic recorder, Steven Wright. He shared, “We have 3 million years of recognizing patterns and only 10,000 years with words.”

Below is the same illustration without the boardroom table. Click on it to see more of the detail.

Thanks Ria.

Ria -- Graphic harvest

May 19, 2014

Here is another example created by Sara Cook of Viterbo University in Wisconsin, and one of her friends, Sammie. Neither of these two hand created these before. Sarah was great at catching ideas and patterns. Sammie put them to more artistic form. Fantastic work!



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