Finally had a friend figure this out for me. Something in the way that WordPress interacts with Go Daddy blocked automatic emails being sent from my Human to Human blog to notify readers of a new post. Since January no less! It’s mystery beyond what I could figure out and not the kind of mystery that I love. I’m massively thankful to my friend and website wizard who knows stuff. Thanks for baring with.

A few highlights:

Make It Six — A game that I created with my 9 year-old son on dislocating certainty. That’s not how he says it, but you can get the gist of the purpose with that.

From Things Residual — On getting good at using what is in front of you to create splendor.

Keeping Still — A poem from Pablo Naruda that is really guiding me these days. It’s my craving for huge silence and letting go.

Time and Time Again — a poem I wrote of valuing the time outside of time, at least enough to remember the option!







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