Grief + Insight

I learned this morning of an acquaintance, a colleague, that died over the weekend of CoVid complications.

It is a surprise. It is a punch in the gut. It is grief.

I know that many of us know this grief personally. And if not personally, know it collectively.

The US is making headway with CoVid. With vaccine development and distribution. With reduced CoVid hospital occupancy and reduced CoVid related deaths, despite the cumulative total of deaths now passing 500,000.

The insight that I’d started to write for a different circumstance is now elevated here with this loss.

It is relationship that carries us through everything. Relationship with ourselves, facing what is real in our respective and shared journey. Relationship among us, any of us, whether tasked with jobs or familied together. Relationship with the whole of it, the complexity of circumstance and times in which we live.

How we open ourselves and how we offer ourselves matters. Centrally.

I’ve been thinking of this time, February & March as lapping time. The calendar year has passed through 12 months to now lap first CoVid memories. A first canceled trip. A first closing of a facility. A lap of being laid off from the job. A closing of the border. And of loss of dear ones. Lapping brings poignancy.

Yes, relationship matters, including relationship with grief.

And here we are.

My wish for any of us, self included, is enough growing relationship, to find kind ways through all of this. And today, for the family that surrounds loss of this friend.

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