Harvest Poem — El Paso Retaining Medical Talent

From the opening circle on the second of two days working together in El Paso, Texas. Our overarching purpose was retaining medical talent. Using 8×11 photos, we asked participants to speak to what they feel we are really up too. These are a few of the words I caught.

Oh, that’s what we are up to.
Me, you.
What we do.

This rat race of asphalt jungle —
we’re talking people out of it,
down from it,
to a new quality of life.
To an invitation to remember quality of life.

In our different efforts, fragmented,
we are remembering that we can do much together,
even with the constraints of time.
We are asking each other what is possible when
we extend our relationship in continuity.

In these mountains, when poppies bloom,
we are inviting the beauty of landscape and people.
And like we do in greenhouses,
we are starting seedlings.
We love to care.

In hospital settings, providing comfort.
In the commonality of human need,
urgent in our commitment together
and our commitment to the diverse gods that inspire us
to compassion and kindness.

Oh, that’s what we are up to.
Me, you.
What we do.

Supporting those that we love,
reaching out like a mom on the phone,
to advance what we do —
and I’m on the phone
with the president’s office.

These pyramids,
these structures
big and small, short and tall
engage more people
in seeing the whole picture.

This relay team reminds me
that medals are in sight.
Working as teams, it seams,
can free us
to the next places of the future.

Make time to nurture, to be together.
Like skydiving, when we do it together
we can do a lot. It’s hot
to hold hands, legs and other things
that help us feel a wholeness.

Oh, that’s what we are up to.
Me, you.
What we do.

This picture is dialectic.
We are starting to see the whole body,
excavating memories of what we can be.
To construct, yes.
To maintain, yes, that too.

In two sides of a mirror
El Paso can see itself with clarity
that leads to attraction,
love, and a bit of tingling.

Like the Golden Gate Bridge,
what we are building here
has big potential
and risk.
Yet, we walk together in the scary places.

In this chaos
there is extreme order.
Like at the market
the fruits and vegetables
are where they need to be.

Oh, that’s what we are up to.
Me, you.
What we do.

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