Harvest — Salt Lake February Practitioner Group

Some harvest below from friend and host of our recent Practitioners Circle, Carla Moquin. Carla’s story is inspiring to me. As is her commitment. As I have met and spoken with her, I’m encouraged by her work to change the cultural narrative about connection and wellness, through the form of early parenting and collaboration as community.

Her website and writings can be accessed here. Some of her gratitudes and appreciations, in her words, are below. From an evening of circle.

1.  Huge discoveries can come from very small groups, when you have a complementary group of motivated and interested people.
2.  Never assume a discussion is necessarily going in a particular direction; instead, be open to the many different ways it can go at any point in time and don’t attempt to artificially control it.
3.  Sometimes understanding what is hindering you is more useful than knowing for certain which way to go from here.
4.  An idea that you dismissed due to impracticability years ago may turn out to be exactly what you need right now; never permanently eliminate reasonable options from consideration.
5.  Obtaining the perspective of other motivated individuals can radically transform your own view; be open to this so that you can obtain the help you need.

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