Tweets of the Week

  • From Nancy White, a graphic illustrator friend: “Be obvious. Accept offers. Fail cheerfully.” Love this.
  • Vern Woolf on the wave shape of consciousness: “It is not the eye that sees. It only gives form to light.”
  • Dig this. More on Tim DeChristopher’s upcoming trial. Civil disobedience and democracy in Utah to protect wild lands.
  • From IONS on “worldview literacy.” Reflections from younger people on beliefs, worldviews, more (thanks Jon Gilburg).
  • Great CBC documentary from Canada: The Anatomy of a Revolution, Part 1 (14 min) and Part 2 (7 min)
  • Adventure begins. Driving 8 hours to Arizona for a 9-day intensive on holodynamics, energy, quantum reality. #holo
  • Enjoying the expansiveness of fields of sage that give way to hills of cedar. Near Panguitch, Utah.
  • David Hawkins on calibration: there are many things the mind can’t know. Yet we’ve placed almost all of our bet on mind-knowing.
  • The perceived value of empiricism comes from a world view that is itself subjective

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