What Could Real Also Be?

What could real also be?

I have carried this question with me the last four years. Vocally that is. Yet, I think it has lived with me, mostly unknown to me, for the last 30 years.

Four years ago at a weekend dialogue on evolution in groups, with 20 practitioners we began the event by having each of us name an important question or quest for our time together. I hadn’t planned on asking the question I did. I was looking for the simple.

Poof. What could real also be?

From years of germination, life beneath the ground, new life was bursting forth, reaching for the light of day. What could real also be? Yes, that was it.

It was the question I felt a bit scared to ask. A bit embarrassed to ask. Yet, the question that I was well supported to explore. And the one that felt at the core of so many other questions I wanted to explore.

These days I am further committed to this question. It feels like a new chapter is opening. I am finding very good company as I further explore what real could also be. I am learning much.

One of those points of company I find in the writings of Vern Woolf, my father’s brother. From one of his books, The Dance of Life, I read this morning:

“In the dimension from which matter is holographic projection, consciousness has shape and choice is universal. Reality is dynamic, fluid, and responsive. In this dimension of reality, choice is far more subtle and important than meets the normal eye. With the twist of a thought, our reference can shift; holodynes [information systems found in individual and cultural beliefs] take over; sensory screens change; and quicker than thought, our menu of options transforms. A single holodyne can shift our entire field of consciousness. Our field of consciousness is os dynamic it can explode upon us like fireworks, or it can lay dormant in a state of hibernation for years, or generations, as though life itself as stopped.”

What could real also be? I continue to sense it is a whole lot more than most of us learn. A journey I’m committed to.

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