Tweets of the Week

  • Some learnings on resiliency and courage through #AoHBoston:
  • Spark (OS list): I use OS because It Moves That Mountain while other human-facilitated approaches don’t work that magic with such simplicity
  • Poet, John O’Donohue (sent to me from Jerry Nagel): I would love to live, like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.
  • Video harvest of the 3rd Sustainability Summit in Salt Lake City Utah, hosted by colleagues Ben Mates and others:
  • From Holodynamics what become possible if: What is known to the part is known to the whole. What is known to the whole is known to the part.
  • A helpful read from Fr Brian Bainbridge on shifting the culture in a parish, using Open Space as an operating system:
  • Friend Sarah at NPS OD team on emergence in groups: “Bringing out what we didn’t know we needed, but now can’t live without.”
  • RT @dfrieze: “It is in the nature of living systems to be radically indeterminate, to continually construct th… (cont)
  • 1 of 7 videos on civil disobedience in Utah: Tim DeChristopher’s trial for bidding at illegal BLM auction.
  • Deborah Frieze on change: small local efforts move through a network of relationships to emerge as large scale change:
  • What if… Frequency is core dimension of reality. Tuning to frequency means being able to communicate with the whole. Not just words.
  • RT @drz0: RT @sharifkouddous I bump into my cousin Ismail Naguib on Kasr El Nile bridge.He says “the new weapon of choice is the broom”
  • RT @drz0: They’re trying to block FB and twitter in Algeria. Dictators pass stupidity to each other, people pass revolution. (@AhmedFatah)
  • RT @chriscorrigan: 18 days for Egyptian people to do what has taken USA 8 years to do in Iraq: create democracy. Only people can do that.

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