Harvest — The Art of Hosting Strategic Conversations About Money

It is a courageous and insightful group of people that chooses to gather for four days of learning together. Learning in conversation. In stories, remembering out loud. In inquiry, asking challenging questions together. In action, inspired by a collaboration and broadened thinking.

I remember five core threads of intention that were spoken by participants prior to arriving. These helped our design team of Martin Siesta, Deb Fischer, Dick Wagner, Mary Sullivan, Teresa Posakony, and myself shape the meta-design for our time together.

  1. Deeper Conversations — About money. About integration into a higher life. About conversation itself and the way it can be used. About that which is beyond fear, scarcity, and limits.
  2. Next Level Work — About women clients. About graduate curriculums. About post peak-oil realities. About a different world view.
  3. Holding Good Meetings — Whether as chapter presidents or in working with families. Exploring how to do good virtual meetings. Education programs, and meetings in classrooms.
  4. Practical Application — In work. In learning more about the power of story. About what is available in the Art of Hosting as an architecture for strategy. About practices to change in the financial planning profession.
  5. Friendship — Appreciation for the unique opportunity to be with friends, colleagues. To be wise and intelligent together in the unique space of four days together.

Each of these intentions were addressed in one form or another in our time to meet in the Colorado Rockies of Estes Park. We met in the formats of World Cafe, Circle, Open Space Technology, and ProAction Cafe. As always, we set broad intentions to shape the whole of the time together and then followed the path of emergence and adaptation — working with money metaphors, music, dance, presencing with the land, telling stories.

A bit of the harvest is below, an offering to get a glimpse of the good work done by these people. And of the good beginnings that will no doubt, feed further good beginnings.

Facebook Group (Thanks Dana, Marty)
Landscape Map
Start here for 1 / 7 photos
Start here for 1 / 2 groupings)
Day 2 Daily News (Thanks Teresa)
Day 3 Daily News (Thanks Teresa)
Day 2 Open Space Harvest Photos, Notes
Day 3 OS Nazrudin Harvest Photos
Aha Moments (Thanks Dottie — Start here for 1 / 10 Handwritten AHA Interviews)
ProAction Cafe Projects Harvest (Thanks Teresa)
Closing Circle Dialogue Poem Harvest — The Gift of This Time

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