Harvest — Salt Lake Practitioners Group August

“How can we close the cultural gap between the health care system’s need to ‘fix’ people and ‘personal responsibility’ required to live a healthy life?” This was a core question asked by Steve Prather and Sue Gardener at this month’s Practitioners Circle. Fifteen of us gathered. Steve and Sue hosted us well in the form of circle — a lovely setting of space, checkin, learning together, harvesting, and checking out. We are a group of practitioners supporting each other in applied use of participative leadership to projects that matter. Projects that participants come forward with, one per month, to work on with deliberateness.

Steve and Sue will offer a more extended harvest. For now, there was much that was rich for me in this.

Good questions like: Why do we believe we can’t prevent many of the ills that fall upon us? How do we broadly shift the story to one of wellness? What is the quantum shift that is possible if attended to from a shift in consciousness perspective?

Key issues, like: shifting the fundamental relationship between doctor and patient to one of partnering. Intuitive approaches to wellness.

I loved the story told by two physicians in the group. They spoke of what they saw in patients prior to surgery. They both spoke of being able to know intuitively of those patients that would get well, that would have an easier recovery. It was something they could see in the patient’s disposition or energy.

Good song: Thanks Ben for “every little cell…”

And we met again in the simple place of real story. Real inquiry.

Thank you to all.

Here are a few photos from the evening.

Steve and Sue harvest — “The question of  — who is responsible for supporting healthy living practices and responding to health problems? — is a big one.  In the U.S., our health care system has been publicly assigned to this task and most citizens expect the best from our medical care establishment.

However, there is another viewpoint that is useful to explore and may be more inspiring because it places responsibility where health originates; it looks to individuals for their awareness of the influences they have on their own health and cells.

Discussing these two perspectives in circle was highly energizing and allowed for deep conversations from the heart as we explored the question of “what could fill this gap?”  Enlightening perspectives were shared such as — heartful relationships with ourselves and others will help, core beliefs that become conscious will inform individuals, understanding that medical professionals are dependent on the good will of the body calls for healthy individual practices, offering a new story of conscious living opens the opportunity

for unlimited creativity, children can participate through learning easy jingles and creating fun, colorful art objects, through a simple question and real stories, valuable community conversation can move our civilization forward.”

Our next Practitioners Circle will be September 16th (third Thursday evening, 7:00 – 9:00).

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