Harvest — Vancouver Island Art of Hosting

Photos — a few faces and flipcharts that turned out well.

Credentials as Practice — a list of seven ways to enter and participate in hosting work as a community of practice. Inspired by an Open Space group.

35 — What is powerful and important to move out of here?

“35” is a simple process of converging learning. Each participant writes a key insight on a 3×5 card. Here, the question was the one above. Cards are exchanged randomly. You let go of your own. When the music stops, you choose a partner to compare cards. You assign 7 points to the two cards (7, 0; 6, 1; 5, 2; 4, 3). The music starts again and cards are exchanged randomly again. Five stops creates the opportunity for a card to receive a maximum of 35 points. Its a good way to get a quick read, generated by participants, on what ideas are more widely shared. The top ten and ties are below. The full list is here. For me these are quick reads into what happens at an Art of Hosting that has gone particularly well.

Practices bring human heart and authentic community together.

Participation in the process creates ownership.

Hosting conversations with intent and presence is natural and powerful and should be shared — we can all do it!

The spiraling out of a collective consciousness towards positive communication and change.

We create “conditions” / spaces for honest, authentic dialogue & conversation…the sources of innovation & creative resolution (wholly expressed!!!)

The importance of how simple yet deep the processes are to stimulate “friendly” community around purpose.

Connecting whole ly with mindfulness of self and openness to other.

I / we don’t need all of the answers.

Fearlessly making magic.

Bring hearts & hopes. To possibilities. To actions.

Working from open heart, open mind, open will.

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