Hey — Rumi

The photo above is from a section of garden at my home. Lupines blooming is favorite occurrence for me. It’s a May-June thing in my climate and elevation. I stop to see them just a bit more than normal. In the spirit of “…well look at you….”

Rumi’s 13th century poem (translated by Daniel Ladinsky), “Hey” catches my attention today. In the spirit of sweet informalities, beauty, and very ordinary extraordinariness.


The grass beneath a tree is content
and silent.

A squirrel holds an acorn in its praying hands,
offering thanks, it looks like.

The nut tastes sweet; I bet the prayer spiced
it up somehow.

The broken shells fall on the grass,
and the grass looks up
and says,

And the squirrel looks down
and says,


I have been saying “Hey” lately too,
to God.

Formalities just weren’t

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